Code #LikeABosch

Automotive Challenge

7 - 20 Dec 2020

Have you ever wondered about the challenges of writing software for self-driving cars?

We’ve made a fun game for you full of programming challenges. Your main task is to write a code that drives the car! There are 3 levels you need to complete with a use of a map and don’t be surprised to face difficulties like traffic jams, road lamps and other yummie bits and bites. :) You complete each level by getting the self-driving car from Start to Destination and you win the game if you fulfill all 3 levels using the most optimal route in the shortest time possible.

How does the challenge work?

Register by entering your details. After registration you will receive your API key, which is required to upload your results. Next download the game executables from here. After unzipping the archive, you can find all the necessary information in the file. Program the solution of the task in the language you like, then check it using the suitable environment and send it to us.


  • 1st place: 30.000 HUF Media Markt voucher
  • 2nd place: 20.000 HUF Media Markt voucher
  • 3rd place: 15.000 HUF Media Markt voucher

In addition, 4 outstanding teams will be awarded with a prize of 10.000 HUF Media Markt voucher.


  • 1st level opens: 7 Dec
  • 2nd level opens: 11 Dec
  • 3rd level opens: 15 Dec
  • Challenge closes: 20 Dec 23.59
  • Announcement of winners: 21 Dec

Do you want to participate?

Don’t hesitate to register now!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Code #LikeABosch online challenge about?

This is a unique online competition where we welcome engineers, developers or other tech talents to be able to solve an exciting 3-level automotive challenge.

Is participation free of charge?

Yes, the competition is free to enter.

Can I participate alone?

You can register alone or in a team, it’s totally up to you. The maximum members for teams is limited to 5.

What does the evaluation method look like?

Your goal is to write the navigation system of a virtual self driving car. Each round you'll be given a different map or track, where your navigation system needs to find the fastest route from start to finish. Each road can be traversed by certain speeds and on later tracks, different obstacles can hinder your progress eg. traffic lights and traffic jams. Your goal is to find the fastest route through the track.

The environment, track and the car are modeled by a runtime you can download from the email you receive at the beginning of each round. You can upload your solutions using that runtime as well. The solutions are also verified by our system automatically. You can test your navigation system locally as many time as you like, but you can only upload it 10 times each round. Only your most efficient solution will be saved.

Didn't find what you were looking for?

Write us an email and we will help you out.

Where is the Code #LikeABosch organized?

The event is held 100% online. You receive all information by email and you don’t need anything else just your computer. In case of question you can contact us here:

How can I submit my project?

You can both test and submit your program using the runtime environment. To see that your project fulfills the requirements run the following command:

./automotive <taskname> <entry_file>

In order to submit your program simply add the [-u, --upload-as-user] flag and provide your API key to the command above:

./automotive <taskname> <entry_file> -u=apikey

Please note that you can test your program as many times as you would like to. However, the number of submissions is limited to each task, so make sure to double-check before you submit your project. For more information, run the following command:

./automotive --help

What are the evaluation criteria?

Solutions are ranked by their efficiency first (your track time or how fast you drove your car from start to finish), and speed of delivery second (when you submitted it). So the most efficient solution submitted first wins.

eg. a ranking table could look like this:

#  | Name of player | Track time | Time of submission
1. | Lazzzzerz      |      45min | 2020.11.30 8:42:23
2. | Thanos105      |      45min | 2020.11.30 9:12:42
3. | Chikenattack   |      45min | 2020.11.30 9:12:55
4. | TheMightyZod   |      52min | 2020.11.30 7:23:42
5. | OMGBBQ         |      52min | 2020.11.30 8:42:23
6. | MyPrecioussss  |      58min | 2020.11.30 8:42:15


Gerda Fazekas

Gerda Fazekas